Reflect and Reassess Your Goals For 2019

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to make waves in 2019! In terms of planning and goal setting, I want to share with you one the most important business activities I do for the entire year, which is to Reflect and Reassess on the previous year.

Take some time to reflect on what worked and what didn’t work in 2018 then reassess your goals and create a plan to put your answers to work for you. This can apply to your business marketing, social media, client retention, you name it!


Reflection - Inspiration

Ponder this question,.. Are you inspired? Your work means so much more than just taking taking care of your personal financial responsibilities and family. Ask yourself, “does my work actually inspire me?”

What you should ask yourself:

  1. Do your day to day tasks inspire you? If yes, why? (Then build on that, talk about it, share the JOY it has created for you.)

  2. If your answer is no, then try to define why? (Then set goals to make changes to improve.)

For me personally, I would answer yes to that question if the project fits into my mission and goes along with my core values as a company. For example I might consider:

  1. Does this project allow me to best serve the clients needs?

  2. Is this project going to help my client gain success?

  3. Does this project help the greater good?

New Year, New You

While others focus on creating new year’s resolutions that probably won’t stick, you can successfully set obtainable goals for the year to come if you reflect on your personal activity and success from the previous year or years. Then (and this is important) have an honest conversation with yourself (and your team) about what has worked, and what has not worked and where you want to go from here.

Create obtainable goals, then be sure to create specific, tasks that you and your team can achieve this year!

Here’s what some of my professional goals look like:

  • Touch base with 3 new potential clients per week (3)

  • Write 1 blog post per week (1)

  • Plan social media one week in advance (1)

  • Create new artwork at least 1 time per month (2)

Think about your goals across different categories for example mine are:

(1) Marketing

(2) Creativity

(3) Business Development

See, it can be simple and its not overwhelming if you just break it down. I Hope this helps you start the year off right. Here’s wishing you an incredible year friend!

Responsive Website Design | Todd Hobin

I’m beyond thrilled to announce the launch of one of my most recent web design projects for none other than Central NY’s own Todd Hobin!

“Todd Hobin is an American singer/songwriter and founder of the Todd Hobin Band. The original members continue to play to a dedicated and growing fan base, delivering the legendary performances that made them one of rock’s hardest working and well-traveled bands. The music is distinctly American, melodic, driving, and powerful. They’ve played thousands of shows and have shared the stage with the greatest bands of their time from The Beach Boys and Kinks, to the Allman Brothers and Hall & Oates.” -Biography

Todd needed a new modern, mobile-friendly website design so we met to discuss some possible design options. First and foremost I learned that he wanted to showcase his current upcoming events on the home page along with a calendar for easy access to dates and times. Plus, after our discussion and learning so much about the various projects he is involved in, (amazing guy by the way!) I suggested that we also add another summary of posts written by Todd himself.

What’s unique about this design project is that the website will be constantly evolving as Todd is involved with many various activities from music and art to teaching, so he has a lot going on. This means constant updates are a must to keep the latest information front and center. We don’t want to disappoint his fans!

Special Features:

  • Built-in Calendar

  • News/Events Feed

  • Blog

  • Links to Social & More!

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

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5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Did you know that one of the most important shopping weekends of the year consists of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday?  Yep, its true!  According to, “Last year alone, 88 million consumers shopped small on Small Business Saturday – which was up 14.9 percent from 2014.”  Crazy right?

So, its not hard to figure out that it is extremely important to take advantage of the hype that the Holidays will bring to boost your business sales, but in order to have a successful “big sale” event,  it takes some smart and savvy planning.  Without a dedicated marketing team, running a sale and promoting it can seem overwhelming so here are 5 simple steps you should take to maximize and boost your holiday sales this year:


1. Offer coupons and discounts

Be sure to plan out and email your special offers ahead of time.  The possibilities are endless but for example, you could offer a percentage off, a dollar value off, or a buy one, get one free deal, etc.  Whatever you feel will work best for your customer base is good just make sure it is an offer above and beyond any normal sales offer you run throughout the year.  This way you will build loyalty within your customer base as they will look forward to that special time of year when you hold your Holiday sale.

Here are a couple suggestions:Offer coupons to first-time customers only, and also offer separate loyal customer coupons

  • Offer the option to purchase an e-gift card on your website which can be used towards a future purchase or as a gift

  • Offer free or discounted shipping

  • Offer seasonal items that can only be purchased during the holiday season

2. Plan and schedule your email strategy

According to statistics, nearly half of American shoppers will learn about Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals from email so be sure to prepare and plan to send out targeted emails specifically for the 3 special days.  Have an email schedule and blast those reminders and deals out!  These days, Tuesday is becoming a big deal as well and is aptly named, "Giving Tuesday," so don't forget to include that day as well. 

Sample email blast schedule:

  • On the Monday before Thanksgiving, send an anticipation email, letting customers know that your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale is coming soon

  • On Thanksgiving Day, reveal your Black Friday or Cyber Monday offer

  • On Black Friday advertise your offers and present strong calls to action

  • On Cyber Monday, remind customers that the big sale is going on with big calls to action

  • On Giving Tuesday plan to send an extension offer if you would like to grab a few more days of sales

3. Spread your message through social media

Use your social media networks to market your Holiday sale promotions.  Make sure you are updating all your social channels to let your audience know about your special deals.  Be creative with your post, tweets, and pins and remember to respond to any comments your customers may post.  Also encourage your followers to spread the news by offering an additional discount or freebie by sharing the sale news.  

4. Digital Ads

Digital ads help market your promotions and bring in new customers so consider purchasing online ads to help sell your products and services during the holiday season.   Consider using keyword ads, mobile ads and video pre-roll ads and start advertising 1-2 months prior.  Also be sure to optimize your website for mobile!  

5. Video Marketing

Have a professional video made to showcase your big sale, products and services.  Video marketing is a great way to bring in new customers as well as create loyalty with your current customer base.  You can then use these videos to advertise and share on your website and social media.

Tell me!  What types of holiday sales promotions does your company offer?  Do you blast out emails to advertise your promotions? What types of promotions do you find works best for your business?

Responsive Website Design | Fulton Alliance Church

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of one of my recent website design projects for the Fulton Alliance Church, Fulton NY. The church’s pastor, Steve Nehlson and I met to discuss their website needs and he explained to me that he wanted something that would give the church a more modern look and also include the features they needed such as the capability to add calendar events, blog posts and sermon audio files.

The new site has been set-up with search engine optimization, and we will be adding more blog posts as they are available. I also tweaked their existing logo as Pastor Steve asked if it was possible to rearrange the words, “Grow, Build, Share.”

Mobile-friendly website design

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Custom Logo Design | Pauline's Closet

Custom Logo Design

Recently, I created a custom logo design in collaboration with Chirello Advertising for Catholic Charities of Oswego County. They wanted to rename their local thrift store “Pauline’s Closet” in honor of Mrs. Pauline Mirabito, who was a dedicated supporter of the organization.

Custom Logo Design Syracuse, NY

Creative Brief

I was given free artistic reign on this project which is always an awesome feeling. I was also given a photo of Mrs. Mirabito which was a great help because in it she was wearing a pink dress and had a smile that really communicated her warm personality. From there I came up with three logo design concepts for Chirello Advertising to review. Shown below are the three concepts I created both in black and white with a recommended color palette.

Once I sent over the initial concepts for review, it was unanimous that the favorite was the first logo on the left.

Custom logo design for small business

The Process

Typically at this point I would make any tweaks or revisions that are requested but in this case my job is already done. Next, I created all the various file types and sent them off for their reveal.

Custom Logo Designs Fulton NY