6 Ways to use Video Marketing for Your Business

Let’s face it, we live in a digital world.  A world where people spend the majority of their time with their faces buried in an iPhone.  Scroll down through your Facebook news-feed and what do you see most these days?  Video!  This year alone, the world will watch billions of videos per day on Facebook, YouTube and other various platforms.  Like it or not, video is where we live. Which is why if you are not using video for your business, you are seriously missing out on an important marketing strategy.

From a business marketing standpoint, Integrating video into your campaigns is one of the most powerful and effective ways to reach your audience, connect with them and increase engagement.

By creating behind the scenes, DIY’s and “how to's” for example,  your marketing plan needs to include the right mix of interesting and professional video to promote your services or goods.  

Below are six great ways you can include video in the marketing mix for business:

1. How to videos

One great way to promote your brand is by creating “how to” videos that will show your audience how to do something.  It seems simple enough but you want to be sure that you are demonstrating how to do something within your in your area of expertise.  This way, your content stays relevant to your niche.  To come up with ideas, try to think of common questions you get from customers and align your videos with those topics.  It is wise to offer tidbits of helpful information that may encourage customers to check back often because they feel the information you give them is valuable.  For example:  Sarah, the photographer, wants to make videos for her photography business.  A couple of ideas for a photography business might be to create a “how to” video that:

  1. Discusses best practices for a successful photo shoot
  2. What to wear for your family portrait with examples
  3. What to expect the day of your wedding photo shoot

2. Product demonstrations

I have a 7 years old who is obsessed with Legos.  He builds amazing boats, motorcycles, cars, spaceships and buildings out of these teeny, tiny little blocks everyday.  When not building something, he begs to watch Lego review videos.  Yes, someone actually makes a video of someone talking about a Lego set, and telling their audience why they like the set and what features it has, and how cool it is.  He will watch these until I make him turn off the TV.  Then we discuss which sets he wants to save up to buy next.  We have lots of Lego sets.  Thanks to marketing videos, I'm sure we will be buying lots more.  Whoever came up with Lego review videos is a genius.  But my point is you can clearly see that video works for businesses.  

3. Answer questions

Almost any person in business will get questions from potential and existing customers.  Take advantage of your spending time answering questions and turn it into a video.  By answering questions you offer them excellent customer service and added value. It is a great way to engage with users and establish your business’s expert credibility.  For example, as a web designer I often times get questions on how to edit content on a website after the design is completed. One thing I could do would be to create simple Q & A videos discussing common questions my clients have asked such as how to make changes to their website.  I could then use these videos on social media and email blasts.

4. Share the latest news

Another great idea is for businesses to share their latest news with video.  Include brand developments, sneak peeks of upcoming products, product launches, upcoming workshops and more.  Sharing these updates on social media helps build hype, keeps customers engaged and keeps your brand front and center in their mind.

5. Behind the scenes

Videos that take users behind the scenes are very engaging because users feel more connected to a person, brand or company.  By offering your audience transparency you will increase brand loyalty and build trust between company and consumer. Show your audience what the day to day looks like by taking them into your store, office or cubicle or take them on a tour of your workshop, it all works because your audience wants authenticity and transparency more than anything.

6. Introduce your team

They say a company is only as good as it's employees so what could possibly make more sense than to introduce your audience to your team?  This goes hand in hand with brand loyalty.  People love to connect with real people so show them who makes the products, who runs the office or even who mops the floors.  A great example would be for an auto dealership to make a short videos of their salespeople to introduce them to the public.  This would help promote them as individuals which will greatly help them increase their following, make people feel more comfortable coming into the dealership and increase sales overall.  It's a win, win for the entire dealership.

There are many ways video can be used to help market your business on social media and web.  Be sure to let me know in the comments what you are doing to include marketing videos in your campaigns!