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Custom Logo Design | Pauline's Closet

Custom Logo Design

Recently, I created a custom logo design in collaboration with Chirello Advertising for Catholic Charities of Oswego County. They wanted to rename their local thrift store “Pauline’s Closet” in honor of Mrs. Pauline Mirabito, who was a dedicated supporter of the organization.

Custom Logo Design Syracuse, NY

Creative Brief

I was given free artistic reign on this project which is always an awesome feeling. I was also given a photo of Mrs. Mirabito which was a great help because in it she was wearing a pink dress and had a smile that really communicated her warm personality. From there I came up with three logo design concepts for Chirello Advertising to review. Shown below are the three concepts I created both in black and white with a recommended color palette.

Once I sent over the initial concepts for review, it was unanimous that the favorite was the first logo on the left.

Custom logo design for small business

The Process

Typically at this point I would make any tweaks or revisions that are requested but in this case my job is already done. Next, I created all the various file types and sent them off for their reveal.

Custom Logo Designs Fulton NY
Book Cover Design | Letters From Emily by ML Pennock
Letters-from-Emily-Mockup 1.jpeg

Final book cover design

Today is the day! I'm excited to reveal the cover design for my latest book cover design project, 'Letters from Emily', the 4th installment in a series by the extraordinary Miranda Pennock.  I enjoyed working on this project and I highly recommend this series. 

While consulting with Miranda I learned that she wanted to go with a softer, more delicate look and she definitely wanted to see a lavender color palette. Below is the final cover design.

Book Cover Design


On Oct. 2, Emily Long's letters will finally be revealed. The story that began in To Have culminates with Emily's side of the tale, a tale that is heartbreaking at times.

Letters from Emily by M.L. Pennock

When Emily Long agrees to be in her friend’s wedding, she doesn’t plan on backing out a few weeks before the ceremony and merely going as a guest.

Being charmed into a one-night stand with a flirty groomsman also wasn’t on her list of things to do. But the morning after the wedding, she finds herself hung over and wrapped up in Brian Stratford’s bedsheets.

Several weeks, a positive pregnancy test, and an ultrasound later, Emily finds herself on Brian’s doorstep questioning how her life ended up where it is.

As the new couple processes how to co-parent without loving one another, Emily’s fate takes a turn for the worst.

It isn’t until years later when Brian finds out what happened …

and that Emily left letters behind for the people she loves most.

Pre-order Letters from Emily

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3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Logo Design
3 Questions to Ask About Your Logo Design

This is often a question for any entrepreneur.  Is my logo good enough?  Does it draw attention to my business in a good way?  Will it attract my ideal customer?  

A good logo design is highly instrumental in establishing a business brand and creating a long lasting impression among its customers. It should be able to create a powerful impact on the viewers and successfully exude the nature and attitude of a business. Ideally, a company logo design should be able to communicate your company ethos, principles, mission and the nature of product/service offered, to the viewers.

A professional logo design would establish a professional image of your company and strengthen your brand. Actually, in most cases the consumer gets the first impression about the company through your logo. Your business logo should build a brand that is strong enough to give your consumer a visual imagery of your company. People should be able to identify your company on sight of your logo.

Trend shows, most of the good logos are simple and often text based. Think of the IBM, SONY or Microsoft logo, even if you view a part of it you will be able to recognize the company. It is extremely essential for a logo to be easy for people to remember.

This principle of simplicity applies in most cases, however, we often see exceptions in government organizations, hotels and luxury resorts etc. because they want to put up a classical exclusive image. This again brings us to a very important point that should be considered for a good logo design - the nature of business.

While simplicity can be the basic principle for any logo design, the designs might vary widely depending on the nature of business. For example, a financial institution might like to use a bold face font to express solidarity and stableness where as a courier service or transport company might prefer italicized fonts to express the speed and movement involved in their business.

I would also suggest avoiding a trendy look for your logo if you are planning for a long-term business because what we consider "modern" today might be backdated tomorrow. It is very important that your logo designer knows how to maintain this balance.

While any professional logo designer should be able to create a custom logo design once you have provided them with your specifications, you should be careful to select a designer you are comfortable with and one who can take your vision and turn it in to an effective, attractive logo design.

If you have still do not have a logo for your business or are not happy with your existing logo, it's time to consider a new logo. 

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is my logo memorable?
  2. Does my logo communicate my brand message?
  3. Does my logo attract my ideal client?

If the answer to any of the above questions is 'no', then its time to talk.  When we create a logo here at 315 Designs, we have a specific design process to ensure that the final logo design suits the needs of our clients.  We take a look at the big picture and make sure that every detail not only looks professional but will help their business stand out and speak to their target audience.  

But there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes when creating a custom logo so here is what you can expect as a client.  Read more about our logo design process HERE.

What do you think of your logo design?  How can we work together to make it an effective branding tool for your business?

Book Cover Design + Press Release | Mark Lado, Manufacturing Operations Consultant and Author

One of the great things about being a freelance graphic designer, is I have the freedom to work on a wide variety of design projects including book covers.  A book cover design is a great challenge.  A challenge that I don't take lightly and quite frankly, it is often a project that takes more time (or as much time) as starting a branding project from scratch.  Working with indie authors, I create a work of art that will not only entice the reader to purchase their book but also, is essentially the key to their success.  So the pressure is on!  

Mark Lado Book Cover Design 315 Designs.jpeg

My most recent book cover design project was one that I'm happy to report went very well, from start to finish.  Author Mark Lado is a manufacturing expert and he had been working on his book, "Building a Showcase Culture" for quite some time and was just entering the final editing phase which is one of the hardest and most stressful phases of the book writing process.  Once the editing phase has begun, authors are faced with another great challenge, designing their cover.  Some authors choose to try and design the cover themselves, but in most cases, this is a huge mistake.  Authors should have a vision for their cover, but since they are not usually designers by trade, it poses a serious challenge to try and create something themselves.  This is a big problem and the reason why most indie authors do not sell many books.  The design of the book cover matters because:

  • It entices readers to purchase your book

  • It is the key element to your marketing campaign

  • The image of your cover is used everywhere you try and sell your book

"One of the most challenging tasks for a new independent author is dealing with the design for the cover of his or her book. There’s no place I know of that’s the subject of more anxiety, scrutiny, second-guessing, crowdsourcing, opinion-mongering, and general unease than the small space of your book cover." Cover Design is Challenging for Authors

Book Cover Design Concepts

During our initial consultation, Mark and I discussed his vision for the cover and I learned about his target audience and what publishing sources he would use.  After some brainstorming, I went about my work.  I came up with three strong concepts for Mark to review.  We were going for a clean design with a corporate feel using red, black and white as a preferred color combo. 

As I was tweaking my design concepts, I toyed with the navy blue as shown in concept one and liked it so much, I decided to present it to Mark.  And guess what?  He absolutely loved this concept.     I always seem to have at least one favorite, and it just so happened that Mark also preferred the same concept.

Book cover design concept 1 (Chosen design)

Book Cover Design Mockup 1

Book cover design concept 2

Book Cover Design Concept 2

Book cover design concept 3

Book Cover Design Concept 3

Press Release

To announce the launch of the book, I suggested we also write a press release and distribute to local media.  You can read Mark's press release on several local media outlets including:

Iheart Oswego.

Oswego County Today


To Purchase Mark's Book visit Amazon


Event Poster Design for Held Hostage Band

I recently had the pleasure of designing an event poster for Held Hostage band's Turtle Cove Show.  The band was invited to play in their hometown, Fair Haven, NY on October 21st with special guest drummer Car Canedy (the Rods).

After our initial consultation, I developed a look and style for their poster for the show that would mesh well with their current logo design.

Event Poster Design

Held Hostage Poster