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Final book cover design

Today is the day! I'm excited to reveal the cover design for my latest book cover design project, 'Letters from Emily', the 4th installment in a series by the extraordinary Miranda Pennock.  I enjoyed working on this project and I highly recommend this series. 

While consulting with Miranda I learned that she wanted to go with a softer, more delicate look and she definitely wanted to see a lavender color palette. Below is the final cover design.

Book Cover Design


On Oct. 2, Emily Long's letters will finally be revealed. The story that began in To Have culminates with Emily's side of the tale, a tale that is heartbreaking at times.

Letters from Emily by M.L. Pennock

When Emily Long agrees to be in her friend’s wedding, she doesn’t plan on backing out a few weeks before the ceremony and merely going as a guest.

Being charmed into a one-night stand with a flirty groomsman also wasn’t on her list of things to do. But the morning after the wedding, she finds herself hung over and wrapped up in Brian Stratford’s bedsheets.

Several weeks, a positive pregnancy test, and an ultrasound later, Emily finds herself on Brian’s doorstep questioning how her life ended up where it is.

As the new couple processes how to co-parent without loving one another, Emily’s fate takes a turn for the worst.

It isn’t until years later when Brian finds out what happened …

and that Emily left letters behind for the people she loves most.

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