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One of the great things about being a freelance graphic designer, is I have the freedom to work on a wide variety of design projects including book covers.  A book cover design is a great challenge.  A challenge that I don't take lightly and quite frankly, it is often a project that takes more time (or as much time) as starting a branding project from scratch.  Working with indie authors, I create a work of art that will not only entice the reader to purchase their book but also, is essentially the key to their success.  So the pressure is on!  

Mark Lado Book Cover Design 315 Designs.jpeg

My most recent book cover design project was one that I'm happy to report went very well, from start to finish.  Author Mark Lado is a manufacturing expert and he had been working on his book, "Building a Showcase Culture" for quite some time and was just entering the final editing phase which is one of the hardest and most stressful phases of the book writing process.  Once the editing phase has begun, authors are faced with another great challenge, designing their cover.  Some authors choose to try and design the cover themselves, but in most cases, this is a huge mistake.  Authors should have a vision for their cover, but since they are not usually designers by trade, it poses a serious challenge to try and create something themselves.  This is a big problem and the reason why most indie authors do not sell many books.  The design of the book cover matters because:

  • It entices readers to purchase your book

  • It is the key element to your marketing campaign

  • The image of your cover is used everywhere you try and sell your book

"One of the most challenging tasks for a new independent author is dealing with the design for the cover of his or her book. There’s no place I know of that’s the subject of more anxiety, scrutiny, second-guessing, crowdsourcing, opinion-mongering, and general unease than the small space of your book cover." Cover Design is Challenging for Authors

Book Cover Design Concepts

During our initial consultation, Mark and I discussed his vision for the cover and I learned about his target audience and what publishing sources he would use.  After some brainstorming, I went about my work.  I came up with three strong concepts for Mark to review.  We were going for a clean design with a corporate feel using red, black and white as a preferred color combo. 

As I was tweaking my design concepts, I toyed with the navy blue as shown in concept one and liked it so much, I decided to present it to Mark.  And guess what?  He absolutely loved this concept.     I always seem to have at least one favorite, and it just so happened that Mark also preferred the same concept.

Book cover design concept 1 (Chosen design)

Book Cover Design Mockup 1

Book cover design concept 2

Book Cover Design Concept 2

Book cover design concept 3

Book Cover Design Concept 3

Press Release

To announce the launch of the book, I suggested we also write a press release and distribute to local media.  You can read Mark's press release on several local media outlets including:

Iheart Oswego.

Oswego County Today


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