Kairos Photography Website Style + Marketing Materials Design

For my latest project, I've had the pleasure of working with Brittany Smith of Kairos Photography.   Brittany contacted me because even though she has an existing Squarespace website, she needed some additional help and a fresh perspective to complete their website style and pull everything together.  

Whenever I work with someone that has an existing website, I first try to gain a clear vision of their overall style and taste.  Then I make subtle yet effective changes that will enhance and pull together their vision to result in a branded, professional design.

Kairos Photography is a husband and wife team, so most importantly Brittany didn't want their look to be too feminine and she wanted to keep their already existing logo.  Through our initial consultation, I deciphered that she needed a clean and modern yet elegant aesthetic.  Below are the inspiration board, slideshow photos and navigation icons that we used.  

Branding Identity

Inspiration Board

Branding Inspiration Board

Slideshow Presentation

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