Custom Logo Design | Ladd Financial Services, Inc.

Mockup 1.jpeg

I'm thrilled to announce the launch of Ladd Financial Services Inc. new logo and branding identity.  Ellen Ladd is the owner of Ladd Financial and recently chose to incorporate her business so of course she needed a new look to go with her new name.  Ellen is a top notch accountant offering not only tax and business accounting services, but financial services as well.  She is one busy lady!

We originally came up with 3 logo design concepts for her to choose from based on her initial client questionnaire and consultation.  I'm thrilled that Ellen chose the following as her final primary logo as it communicates to her clients that she offers professional services with an elegant touch.   We also included two alternate marks for use on web or other branding materials.  Then we carried the look through to her horizontal business card design and social media profile image.

Custom Logo and Business Card Design