7 Steps to a Professional Logo Design

When we create a logo, we have a specific design process to ensure that the final logo design suits the needs of our clients.  We take a look at the big picture and make sure that every detail not only looks professional, but will help their business stand out and speak to their target audience.  But there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes when creating a custom logo so here is what you can expect as a client:

7 Steps to a Professional Logo Design

The Logo Design Process

Design Brief

First, our client is given a logo design questionnaire and phone or in-person consultation to gather thoughts and vision for their logo.  


Once the client has briefed us on their needs, we then conduct research focused on the company, its target market and the industry itself to decide which creative direction to take.


We move on to the fun stuff like sketching and brainstorming ideas.  This is where ideas come to life and begin to take shape.  We research fonts, imagery and begin any custom illustration work that will be needed.  This part of the process can take anywhere from one to two weeks.

Custom Logo Design


Once we have our ideas on paper, we then develop digital versions of our initial logo design concepts.  We put together the best fonts and imagery and put it all together.


After our digital versions are complete in black and white, we select at least 3 of the best design concepts to present to our clients.  We then put together our client logo presentation that shows the logo designs in real life use.

Custom Logo Design
Custom Logo Design Concepts

Color Palette

We also include at least one colored version of a design to present in requested or selected color palette.  

Selection and Revisions

After our client has selected their favorite logo and given feedback, we can tweak it with any color or font selection changes.  Final logo files are then delivered in all the necessary formats.  

Voilà!  We have another happy client and successful logo design project complete.  We will then create any requested marketing materials to match!  

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