Branding Identity | Fulton Block Builders

Recently, I had the pleasure of designing a logo, marketing materials and a mobile-friendly website to establish an identity for a new,  grassroots organization, the Fulton Block Builders located in Fulton, NY.  

Fulton Block Builders, founded by Linda Eagan, is a neighborhood revitalization program that helps both homeowners and property owners recover part of the cost of their property improvements.  After our initial consultation and learning more about Linda's vision, we decided that we would use symbols that included houses or neighborhoods for their logo design.  We also decided to go with a fun, upbeat color scheme and a modern type font to signify freshness, renewal and strong sense of pride.  We then created branded marketing materials and a mobile friendly website to match.  Below are the final designs and we wish them much success in their quest to spruce up the City of Fulton!

Mobile Website Design

Custom Logo, Mobile Website, Brochure and Print Materials Design

Style Board Design
Mobile Website Design

Brochure Design
Marketing Materials Design

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