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Creative Direction

Whether your business is a fresh start up or it needs to be re-branded you are probably saying to yourself “Where in the world do I start?”

As your brand consultant, I will get to know your business vision, mission, goals and target audience then recommend and implement effective branding and marketing solutions that will help your business evolve. 

Some key areas we will assess:

  • Marketing materials (print and digital)

  • Website content marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Advertising/Promotions

"Heather is a very creative, hard working, conscientious and competent designer... and not to mention, a great listener. We discussed several ideas for my book cover design, then within plenty of time prior to my completion date, she designed a truly eye catching cover. After my book cover was designed, I called on Heather to help me come up with a marketing plan for my book launch and she helped me kick start my promotional campaign with some great ideas. I highly recommend Heather for your marketing, advertising, and brand consulting services." —Mark Lado, Manufacturing Operations Consultant and Author